Friday, 25 March 2011


Universal Procedure
*** My Development Vision
My Development Vision -
Universal Procedure : Government -
All Problems are solved by Universal Procedure -
Permanent Solution : Final Project -
Vision 2020 : India/World/Universe -
We want Universal Procedure -
One thought enough for all problems -
Great Plan for All Life's -
Don't see/ask the poor persons : Live with them -
(Then only you understand the basic problems)
See the News Channels and initiate to adopt the Universal Procedure -
* Universal Procedure - Government
When the Government adopts my Universal Procedure -
A well planned World with many changes of good construction in right way -
There is no money in the Country, only Governments have Money -
Money is there only for those who are going to other Countries -
After developing of other countries entire the world no need of money -
The Government gives/provides all services to people, people are just working up to their knowledge/skill -
The Government provides basic facilities (food, shelter, cloth etc) along with needful things -
This is just like a corporate company of well planned society of model village/town/city/state/country/world -
In this procedure no where available beggar, thief, un-authorized person (Because everyone should be recognized) -
All buildings are Government Quarters with all services in perfect locations -
Entire the Country everything is Government land (No assets having the Person) -
This Universal plan reduces many problems -
Problems like Traffic, pollution, corruption, oil, gas, high cost goods -
Ex: Now so many large goods(vehicles) occupy roads to make traffic and parking problems -
There would be no wastage of minerals and Natural resources -
Food, Journey, accommodation facilities throughout the country would be free -
Man is working for Government, the Government gives all services to people -
This final decision for whenever you want change city/world with planned this procedure is must -
* Government can't take initiative for final solution upto thousand's years no change for poor people -
This Universal procedure no change upto end of the universe (because final solution is like 2+2=4/2*2=4) -
Government policies are just temporary solutions but also not fulfill the actual things(beneficiary level) and who actually wants they don't get (misuse) -
Present policies upto thousand years not rectifying the problems : still beggars, thief, corruptors, poor persons continuing entire the universe -
These policies are regular activities to show the solutions for budget not for 100% satisfy people (poor) -
Development is there but no proper plan and not useful for middle class and poor -
There is no enough space to develop, not in right place, no longer use (these are just recycle not for permanent) -
Every person is identify with respective sector and role of work (even child) -
I have many Universal procedural plans to change the society/village (world) -
If one day delay, it takes so many days to change in future -
For Ex: planned world (Infosys and other companies) -
* Here so much of explanation is required -
*** This information pass to Government up to reaches and initiative to implement how to discuss with me and engineers -
Please every person should initiative for information pass to your friend's for success -
For better/easy life for all (enough population) -
I will give all the details and clear explanations for all doubts -
This idea goes to other countries, if they starts first implementation, the credit goes to them -
Advantages :
Free education, growth/career, knowledge, employment, skills development, vision of person/life -
For Ex: Entire the India gas is required 1 crore cylinders and 5 thousand employees -
After this plan 25 lakhs cylinders and one thousand employees required (remaining 4 thousand people improve their own skills)-
The production of gas also less, it means save the natural resources and consumes many years of usage -
All types of natural resources like minerals, oil in the form electricity, gas, cement, wood, petrol, kerosene etc. -
All industries(Every industry is Govt. asset) should maintain proper production with Govt. control(account) and reduce the pollution, disease's -
Everything is in an account of Govt. records and should maintain all details of natural resources and other maintenance -
This is exchange of production/goods from one village to other (through country/world also up to save the nature) with need purpose -
*** Think for development by universal knowledge -
News on 8th Feb, 2011 - ISRO : Estimated loss is valued at Rs. 2 lakh crore, greater than the 2G scam (1.76 lakh crore) -
This amount is enough for changing the state/country/world -
Money is not a problem for my procedural development for initial stage -
Nature gives all but we working for modify the things and sharing the services for living -
One thought is enough for development of world for all problems (just understand yourself : the great job)-
For Example:
One village takes/requires development of worth Rs. 10 crore (5 Years) -
From Rs. 4 lakh crore how many villages will be developing (here I am not talking about other corruptors/corruption money) -
40,000 villages will be developing approximately, it means at least one/half State development worth -
Now we start the work, upto 5 years or 10 years entire the world development is done then after that only maintenance is going -
Here money is not a problem understanding of knowledge & ego -